Camshaft Installation:

What you will need:

Floor jack
Jack stands
Camshaft alignment bar
M6 6mm bolt (for crank pulley)
M6x1.0 20mm bolt (for timing cover)
Socket wrench
6mm socket
8mm socket
10mm socket
13mm crows feet socket
21mm socket
Various extensions
Adjustable wrench
Torque Wrench (in-lbs and ft-lbs)



1. Remove the battery cover and disconnect the negative "-" battery terminal with a 10mm wrench or socket/ratchet.
2. Raise the front of car 14-18 inches and support it with suitable vehicle support stands rated at a minimum of 3-tons.
3. 2005+: Remove the two bolts attaching the plastic splash shield under the passenger side front of the car to expose the lower portion of the engine with a 10mm socket, extension, and ratchet.
4. Remove the coil packs, move aside the wiring harness on top, and remove the valve cover. Remove the bolt holding the degas tank, and set it aside to make more space.
5. Using a 21mm socket on a 1/2" ratchet, turn the engine clockwise until the hole in the crankshaft pulley aligns with the hole in the timing cover.
6. Insert the camshaft alignment bar into the cam alignment slots in the back of the camshafts. It may be necessary to rotate the crankshaft as much as one full revolution (360 degrees) to properly align the cams and allow the alignment tool to be inserted.
7. Install a 6mm bolt through the crankshaft pulley and into the timing cover. Install by hand only, finger tighten only or timing cover damage may occur. It may be necessary to rock the pulley back and forth slightly to allow the bolt to be easily installed. When the bolt easily threads into the timing cover the crankshaft is in the correct position.
8. Remove the silver 6mm bolt from the timing cover. This bolt is located to the left and below the motor mount attachment point on the timing cover. Note: This bolt is unique; set it aside for later replacement.
9. Insert a 6mm x 1.0 20mm bolt in the timing cover. In a pinch, the coil bolts work excellent. Start the bolt by hand and turn it in until you feel resistance. If using a 20mm long blot, the bolt should go all the way in (the coil bolt is approximately 26mm long and will have about 5mm of threads between the head of the bolt and the timing cover). Under no circumstances try to over tighten this bolt. If it doesn't want to go don't force it. The bolt engages a hole in the timing chain guide and prevents the pre-loaded guide from moving when you remove the cam gear.
10. Loosen the bolts attaching the cam gears to the camshafts.
11. Remove the bolt from the exhaust cam gear ONLY.
12. Slip the exhaust cam gear off of the camshaft, remove from the chain, and place the gear out of the way.
13. Remove the timing chain from the intake camshaft gear.
14. Remove the alignment bar from the back of the camshafts.
15. Mark the position of the camshaft lobes on the No. 1 cylinder for assembly reference.

CAUTION: Failure to follow the camshaft loosening procedure can result in damage to the camshafts.

16. Loosen the camshaft bearing cap bolts, in sequence, one turn at a time.
17. Repeat the previous step until all tension is released from the camshaft bearing caps.
18. Remove the camshaft bearing caps.
19. Remove the camshafts from the engine.
20. Remove the camshaft gear bolt and remove the camshaft gear from the intake camshaft.

NOTE: If you are installing new valve springs and retainers , now is the time for that.


CAUTION: Install the camshafts with the alignment slots in the camshafts lined up so the camshaft alignment plate can be installed without rotating the camshafts. Make sure the lobes on the No. 1 cylinder are in the same position as noted in the removal procedure. Rotating the camshafts when the timing chain is removed, or installing the camshafts 180 degrees out of position, can cause severe damage to the valves and pistons.

NOTE: Lubricate the camshaft journals and bearing caps with clean engine oil. The camshaft lobes must be lubricated with the camshaft assembly lube included with your new cams. If you purchased your cams from another source and lube was not included, you will need to purchase it separately. Check the lash using feeler gauges following the cam manufacturers cam cars specifications.

1. Place the intake camshaft gear on the new intake camshaft and insert the bolt loosely.
2. Place the new intake camshaft with gear installed in the cylinder head.
3. Place the new exhaust camshaft in the cylinder head.
4. Replace the camshaft bearing caps. It is important that you follow the torque sequence for installation at right as it is different than the removal sequence.
5. Tighten the bolts in the sequence shown in three stages.
  • Tighten the camshaft bearing bolt caps one turn at a time until tight.
  • Tighten the bolts to 7 Nm (62 lb-in).
  • Tighten the bolts to 16 Nm (12 lb-ft)
6. Place the timing chain over the intake camshaft gear.
7. Locate the exhaust camshaft gear and slip it under the timing chain. Move the exhaust camshaft gear with the chain on it until it is lined up with the exhaust camshaft. Slip the gear onto the camshaft. It may be necessary to use a screwdriver under the gear to lift the gear slightly to allow it to slip onto the camshaft.

NOTE: If it appears that the chain has become too short, the first thing to check is that the chain is engaged on the crankshaft gear. Simply rotate the chain using the cam gears and it will re-engage the crank gear allowing you to proceed.

8. With the camshaft gears installed and the bolts loose, turn the cams slightly using a wrench on the hex portion of the cams until you can insert the alignment bar.
9. Using a wrench to hold the camshaft by the hex section, tighten the camshaft gear bolts to 48ft-lbs. If you do not have a torque wrench and 13mm "crows foot", you can snug the bolt by hand and tighten an additional 90 degrees.
10. Remove the long 6mm bolt from the timing cover. This bolt is located to the left and below the motor mount attachment point on the timing cover. Replace with the correct original bolt. A small amount of blue Loc-Tite thread sealer/locker is suggested to prevent oil seepage.
11. Reposition the degas tank and install the bolt removed earlier.
12. Remove the 6mm bolt from the crankshaft pulley.
13. Reinstall the valve cover and all other parts.

Procedure courtesy of honhon on Focus Fanatics.